The ventilation unit HeLuVent X1
The constituent parts:

elegant push controls with multiple modes

The HeLuVent devices can be controlled with elegant push controls with multiple modes. According to your requirements.

Optional CO2 and/or humidity sensors are available, which control the ventilation units (user-independent) automatically and as required at the same time.


A standard system consists of

EPS carrier pipe:
can be shortened on site | 180 mm profile | thermally insulating | 280 mm to 2,000 mm

Facade screen:
Protective screen | white (standard)
Device cover on the room side: Poppet valve metal | powder coated | white (standard)

Central control:
3 power levels | winter and summer operation modes | automatic CO2 and/or humidity control (optional)
One control unit is required for up to six ventilation units.

2x filters (filter class G3 + G2), pollen filter (optional)