The HeLuVent GmbH

The company HeLuVent was founded in 1995 under the name Alpha GmbH in Essen, Germany.

Initially the company focused on electronic control systems for ventilation equipment and other electronic devices.

Today HeLuVent develops and sells outstanding decentralized ventilation units.

Hermann Steger, CEO

... has been working with decentralized ventilation systems intensively since 2005.

Keralu, the first decentralized ventilation system with ceramic high-performance heat exchangers, was distributed, assembled and further developed by him.

Lucas Braecklein, CEO, Dipl. Ing. [Architecture] BDB

... plans and sells decentralized ventilation systems as a certified german engineer since 2008. He knows all the concerns and wishes of the clients.

Together the managing partners Hermann Steger and Lucas Braecklein have developed the optimized HeLuVent X1 ventilation unit.