Decentralized home ventilation
HeLuVent X1.

Ventilate efficiently and conveniently - ingeniously simple!

Highly insulated, tight building envelopes have only little infiltration, i.e. natural air exchange, which makes sufficient ventilation of the living roomes indispensable.

Insufficient and faulty manual window ventilation often leads to massively increased humidity in the living rooms. This can lead to damage to the building fabric and to mold, which can have significant health consequences for the residents.

With excessive heating behavior, however, too much heating energy is lost, which should actually be reduced by the highly insulated building shell.

The system of insulation and window ventilation therefore does not lead to a satisfactory overall energy solution.

This problem can easily be solved with a decentralized home ventilation unit such as the HeLuVent X1.


With the decentralized system up to 50% of the heating energy can be saved.

For the installation a simple core hole drilling through the outer wall is sufficient— completely without complex and germ-prone laying of pipes.

The HeLuVent X1 is therefore super flexible, ingeniously easy to use and the efficient living room ventilation with heat recovery is optimally for the buildings and renovations.


- heating costs
+ money
- extra effort
+ time savings

You save a lot of money by significantly reducing your heating costs. You save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary additional work—both during installation, during cleaning and maintenance!

Although the HeLuVent X1 is so compact, it works extremely efficiently and achieves an air exchange of up to 55 m³/h in pairwise operation.